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As any Science Fiction fan knows, the Tricorder is a universal, portable scanning device which is used by science teams to scan the environment. It contains scientific instruments useful for shipboard and away missions.

The TR-580 Mark III includes additional features not present in the previous Mark II version. Along with a complete overhaul of the graphic interface, the sound effects have been recomposed so as to come as close to the original sound effects as is possible.

Main features of the TR-580
The device features two main modes. These include a scanning mode along with Library querying mode. Furthermore the information source can the switched between internal (the TRICORDER itself) and external such as the Long Range Sensors of any Starfleet vessel in range.
Depending on the scanning mode, a selection of more than 24 randomly selected messages and matching library images will be displayed. If additional information on the currently found item is required, the TR-580 can access additional databases on the world wide web.

A new feature present in the Mark III is the tracking mode. This allows for the user of the TR-580 to locate and track other users of the TR-580 by utilizing a local and global scanning screen. In addition, the TR-580 utilizes the built in GPS receiver of the iPhone 3G to generate locational information for the user, and can show the users current location on a google map of your area.

Thanks to the graphic skills of Andy Tudor, the Tricorder TR-580 now features a completely refurbished user interface. In addition, a new Settings application allows the user to enable/disable sound effects, enable auto power up when the TR-580 application is launched, and enable the new tracking feature of the TR-580.

Please consult the TR-580 Quick Start Guide for information on how to use the device. This can be accessed by pressing the 'EMRG' button within the TR-580.

Because of copyright reasons Tricorder TR-580 cannot and will not feature sounds from the original Star Trek movies.

Tricorder TR-580 works on iPod Touch and iPhone 2G & 3G. However, because of the built in speaker best Results are received on the iPhone!

TR-580 is software that mimics a fictional device. There is no real functionality behind this software. Do not attempt to operate this application while driving or operating heavy machinery. Do not attempt to use your iPhone or iPod touch as a medical device.

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